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HOW Hall Will Re-Open Soon (with Covid-19 Restrictions)

Target Date is June 5th, 2021.

Attn: All Attendees of Meetings at HOW Hall


Any AA group secretary who wants to re-start meeting in-person at HOW Hall, please submit a request on the contact page ( Make sure to include current contact information, so we can reach you! We ask that meetings be willing to commit to a minimum five person attendance per week. 


Our goal is to re-open for in-person meetings starting June 5th. There will be COVID-19 restrictions. We’re still discovering and developing those. Of course, we’ll follow all the recommendations and regulations. At the moment, we’ll likely offer reduced rents for re-starting meetings for June, July and August (unless the meeting can and is willing to pay the full rent).  


As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and more in-person events are allowed, we hope to resume our role as a reliable place for those needing help in Huntington Beach.  


Stay tuned to this page. If you’re reading this, and would like to help HOW Hall, let us know. Perhaps consider becoming a dues-paying member for the year. We could certainly use the support. 

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